The Dos and Don'ts of Typography

Remember when Comic Sans was the only problem we had with type?

Those days are long gone! Now, we have access to hundreds of fonts (and access to software to create our own) and we want to use them all! It's opening up the floodgates for mistakes, poor formatting, and inconsistency in your brand.

But! There's an easy fix. 

Watch my latest video on the 5 Dos and Don't of Typography to find out:

  • How to get the most out of a single typeface

  • When you should absolutely not letter-space your type
  • How many fonts is too many for your brand
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To Manufacture Printed Product Overseas or Not?

I'm currently working with a number of clients who are developing products to print and sell. This research and development phase is the most fun sometimes. We get to dream up ideas from the ground up and it feels like the sky's the limit when we project into the future.

But inevitably there are things we can't do when we print small batches or print domestically. Manufacturing overseas comes up early and often during this phase. It's incredibly cost-effective and allows so much room for growth. However, it's not something that we dive into without serious evaluation first!

If you're a product-based business thinking of printing overseas, there are a lot of factors to weigh before you make the switch. 

In addition to staying on top of the political climate and being aware of policy change, you’ll also want to consider an additional seven things. Watch below!

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Top 5 Dos and Don'ts of DIY Graphic Design in your Small Business

When you're diving into designing graphics for your small business, whether it's a discount code postcard or an Instagram graphic, it's easy to go overboard with options. Design is FUN, after all. Who wouldn't want to beef things up with color, patterns, and images? The possibilities are endless.

But, design needs to be functional first, and strategic for your business.

These are the top five things I want to tell any client who asks me for a design audit. 

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How to Create a Production Timeline

If you're dipping your foot into e-commerce and product sales, you're probably already seeing a need in your workflow for a production timeline to make sure your products are created, manufactured, shipped, photographed and promoted in a way that supports your business goals.

The number one thing most of my clients are unfamiliar with is how long it can take to get a product from conception to sales. Especially if you're producing a product for the very first time, you'll want to factor in everything from product testing to shipping delays.

Want to launch your product in time for the holidays?

Start with a timeline now and create a production schedule that anticipates every part of the process and everything you'll need before you go to market instead of being a slave to vendor schedules.


I made a free worksheet for you to help calculate how much lead time you'll need! It includes all the steps you'll want to consider before the launch of your product, plus some notes from me on things that might affect your timeline.

Let's get that product idea out of your head and on paper!

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Basic Graphic Design Principles for Your Small Business

Hiring a skilled designer is obviously an ideal solution if you have a graphic design need, but we all know that there are factors that force us to take the DIY route instead. If you're making your own graphics for your business, knowing these basic concepts will make you look like a rockstar.

It's important to note that any design rule can be broken, but it's only cool to break the rules when you know what the rules are first. (That’s how you get away with anything, right?)

So let's master the basics in this video first, and then we can go be rebellious. 

There are many design principles, but let's start with these five.

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