Create a brand that (finally) reflects the business you’ve always wanted to build

Your biz has grown exponentially and now you’re ready to juice up your overall brand to make it more of an experience. 

You want your brand to ooze personality and professionalism, to immediately hook your customer and show off your magic. You’re ready for a brand that can expand into new creations — because you have important things to share.

We’ll help you create the robust, unique brand that will help you unlock totally new levels in your biz.

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BRAND essentials

The basics that define your look, including your logo, colors, and type

BRAND environment

All the fun decorative stuff that makes your experience totally unique

Your client persona, your brand keywords, and your brand mood board

Meet our Brand Style Guide

Let’s get the ball rolling and actually show off your new brand! We’ll show you how to transition to your new look.

launch plan

You’ll get all the fancy files you and your design pro need, plus SVG files you can load right into Canva.

usable files

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your brand is if you can’t use it! We’ll show you how to make the most of your design elements. 


3-month and 6-month check-ins to make sure your final files and style guide are supporting you fully.

design check-ins

Our process is designed for longevity...




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... and operates on a timeline that empowers you and your team to start sharing it with the world.

It’s time to dig into your brand history, your client’s state of mind, your unique offers, and your brand culture so we have a clear picture of who your audience is, what they need, and how you provide it in your own magical way.


Now we’re cookin’! We’ll develop your brand visual guideposts and figure out how your brand translates into colors, styles, and vibes. Moodboards and brand recipes get defined in this phase, so you can see how your brand looks. 

brand Design

This is the meat-and-potatoes of your brand’s design. Only after we’ve dug into your business and defined your brand do we start to design logos, colors, fonts, graphic elements. Each piece is tested to ensure it works with your brand as a whole.

brand Development

Ever worked with a designer and got files you had no idea what to do with? Not this time. Our last step involves exporting files so they’re usable to you – in every color you might need and every file type you might need.


Want our help infusing your new brand into your funnels, graphics, or other assets so you’re ready to launch? We can help with that. We’ll discuss your needs during your initial Strategy Call.


One of the most important representations of your brand is your website. We offer Showit web design services after your style guide is finalized for an additional project fee.


Your business has a lot going on, and you need consistent design support that gets your content, launches, and new offers out there. Hop on a strategy call with us to learn more about our Design Days.


When you work with us on your brand, you can also add on:

Unlock extra perks with your Style Guide

Are a woman-owned business that’s been operating for 3+ years

Have a team backing you and you’re ready to run with a new brand

Are actively launching offers and engaging with your audience

Are you ready?

let's talk if you...

Share our values

Are ready to invest in and elevate your business by working with professionals

Are doing a common thing in an uncommon way, or have a unique business idea 







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with flexible payment plans

branding starts at $5,000

Candice Coppola

Nicole's creative genius makes me excited to market my business and show up online! (Like seriously, as soon as she sends over a round of assets I cannot WAIT to share them!). Plus, I feel like my marketing really stands out. I get so many compliments on the work we've done together. The fun part is that it's FUN again–marketing, that is. I'm enjoying it and I have Nicole to thank!

Working with Nicole, I've been able to increase my sales by 248%

amber housley

Nicole really, truly, gets it. Nicole doesn't just "design," she brings to the table years of strategy and experience that I can't find anywhere else. She truly believes in thinking through the desired outcome with every asset we create together and I trust her wholeheartedly with communicating my brand in the best way possible. I'm constantly surprised and delighted with the magic we co-create together. 

When your audience and clients tell you over and over again that your branding is top notch, you know you've done something right. 

christina scalera

Nicole is a critical player on my team. Our customer experience is elevated with her careful eye for design and conversion. She's been instrumental in helping us create profitable launches and products. I feel so lucky to work with Nicole.

I have never worked with someone so quick, professional and talented.

Amanda Cunningham

Nicole really gave me the steps to ensure I had a viable concept and next steps to take. She’s supported our growth from a small start to now operating three lines of business. Nicole is a major part of this success in my messy middle, her imagery helps me come across professionally and consistently even when life is challenging and inconsistent.

Nicole has been way more than a designer for our company... She's a fundamental building block in our story.

haley burkhead

"I just showed my team and they are officially OBSESSED with you! You are by far the best designer we have ever worked with. The team is insanely impressed at how easy I was with this design. They have never seen me like something so quickly!! Seriously Nicole. Thank you. You are AMAZING!"

"I have never not had any design notes for ANYTHING we have ever hired out design for. Nicole... you are pure magic. I hope you know that."

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