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badass ideas

We’re done seeing  


translate into lackluster design. 

It’s time to give your ideas the design they (and you) deserve.

The Design Lab was created because our founder, Nicole Yang, saw what happened when women-owned businesses didn’t have the resources (or the right people on their side) to bring their ideas to life.

There’s an innate gap between the amazing ideas we, as women, have and our ability to execute them. Ideas die because these amazing business owners just don’t have the time or resources to bring them to life. From everyday social media graphics to your overall brand and its strategy, to the packaging for your products or welcome gifts… we’re here to make sure your designs reflect what you stand for, who you serve, and the impact you want to make.

Design matters to us — because, without it, women are missing opportunities to make income and impact. 

Poor design is where good ideas go to die — and we’re not about to let that happen to yours. 

Offering design resources and services for women-owned businesses. 

Helping women turn their paradigm-shifting ideas into reality — and watching those ideas make them money.

Seeing businesses that were once scrambling become successful enough to employ their husbands, mothers, sisters, friends.

That's why we're committed to




Design work is more than just pretty aesthetics.

It’s giving women a chance to build the business they’ve dreamed of, create a better life for themselves, and show up for the people they care about most. 

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We’re here to make your ideas look as good IRL as they do in your head

How do we make that happen? Through branding & design rooted in our values.

There’s no formula for making connections and no silver bullet for branding or marketing. Embracing experimentation is what allows us to innovate and create meaningfully.


We’re here to help you show off your superpowers by embracing what makes you unique and pairing it with strategic decisions.


We want to help you make money so you can care for the people in your life, and we’ll do so by also caring for the health of our teammates. 


Connections to people and to brands are built through great experiences. We try to make work as fun as possible and to infuse customer touchpoints with charming experiences.


Every action we take has an impact and we’re dedicated to making our actions inclusive, uplifting, and sustainable.


Meet the person who’s committed to turning women’s ideas into stellar designs that make an impact

Hi, I'm Nicole

isfj • enneagram 5 • Hufflepuff

Let's get some of the boring stuff out of the way, OK? I went to school for graphic design in journalism (which means I thought I was going to move to New York and become the art director for Cosmo until I realized I hate big cities). I'm a Certified Brand Specialist, a speaker and educator, and I've got 12 years of experience with design.

But really what you should know about me is that I have some major accomplishments: One time I was running late to a CycleBar class and instead of chalking it up as a loss and shopping at Target for an hour, I actually went in and worked out. There was also that time I was eating brunch at the same restaurant as Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield and I refrained from gawking or taking a photo disguised as a selfie. I'm mostly proud that I started a seven-year-running annual Gingerbread House Building Competition, in which I was a ruthless judge. I'm least proud that in high school, my nerd self broke into the school after the day was out, rather than out of it while classes were still running.

You might know me from…

Meet the woman who brings our projects together

Sarah is the first person you'll meet when you work with us! She preps and organizes all of our projects, makes sure our clients have all the information they need, and works behind the scenes to keep our business running smoothly.

Sarah Svendsen

Client & project manager

I've worked with dozens of online, women-owned businesses to help them turn those ideas bouncing around their head into meaningful, impactful design. I also believe that, through our work as business owners, we can create the world we really want to see.

With our platforms and our profits, we can support marginalized groups and elevate people who better their communities. We can also change our own lives and create wealth that alters the trajectory of our future and the future of those we love. What’s more powerful than a woman who is finally able to do the work she’s called to do?

Design brings ideas to life.

Hello, I'd like to kick my brand up a notch 

Groaning in frustration when you have your next great idea with no way to execute it

(or eleven)

No more...




Disjointed design that feels chaotic and unprofessional

Hesitating over the “Send” button, worried your branding isn’t reflective of your work

let's make magic

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