Nicole A. Yang The Design Lab has Launched!

Celebrating the Design Lab launch!

You’re probably tired of searching for the right design solution. Y'all, I was tired FOR YOU.

Maybe you’ve been doing it yourself for a long time and you’re finally ready for someone else to take the reins.

Or maybe you’ve worked with designers in the past, but either walked away with designs that didn’t completely click with your business or that looked inconsistent when you took a bird’s eye view of the situation.

My biggest craving (after Ben & Jerry's Milk and Cookies ice cream) is for businesses to start bridging the gap between their company mission and what their customer perceives.

How often do you feel like what you're saying falls on deaf ears, or that people are glossing over what you show them?

Bridging the gap means appealing to your customer's sensibilities. Most of that happens through design — consistent and smart design. But hear me out! "Consistent and smart" doesn't mean repetitive and boring! There's a better way.

The inspiration and final design of my own brand!

The inspiration and final design of my own brand!

Nicole A. Yang the Design Lab launches today and I couldn't be more excited. My biggest passion is engaging with you brilliant business owners and talking about how to make our world better through smarter decision-making. The magic starts at design.

I’ve spent most of my career working with small businesses and taking a holistic view of their needs and their customers’ needs. The best part of this experience is that I don’t view projects as one-and-done deals. I don’t believe in short-term band-aids, but rather long-term overall health.

Every project, no matter how big or small, has the potential to convert your audience into a customer, a brand evangelist, or an admirer. Every project is a part of your brand cocktail. Let’s make it something delicious.


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Not sure if you need help? Download the quiz: "How to Tell if Your Brand Needs a Little Design Help"

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