Have you caught yourself thinking something along these lines: I’m not ready to hire a full-time designer, but I could really use a designer to work with consistently on projects; someone who’s flexible, quick to respond, creative on demand; someone who makes beautiful things happen in a snap. I need a designer on speed dial. 

Having a designer on retainer means always having a plan and someone to help you navigate the tight corners or crowded spaces. (Instead of yelling PIVOT to no avail.) 


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Powerful Graphics at Your Pace

You’ll have a true, trusted, and emotionally-invested partner in your business as well as a leaner, more efficient workflow around that ever-elusive cohesion and consistency in your brand. And you’ll have more fun doing it. 

No more heavy lifting or sweating to find a designer who ‘gets’ you; or sifting through social media to find someone who is available, easy to reach; easy to work with, normal. 

Working together in a retainer package means that our team will gain intimate, in-depth knowledge of your business and systems, allowing us to guide your brand visuals toward your specific goals. We’ve worked on everything from Facebook ads to product development, sales page design to PDF layouts. 

And we promise never to yell PIVOT. 

Available in 3-month contracts in packages of 10 hours/month or 20 hours/month

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• Reserved design time (10 or 20 hours per month) for three months that can be used on any graphic design project needed in your business. 

• A full brand design audit before your start date, and ongoing creative direction on your brand's whole design.

• You’ll receive a live log of hours used each month so that you can prioritize projects and track our progress. 

• Unused hours rollover for one month. 

What you get


3 month installments

Instead of paying a full hourly rate, you’ll receive a 10% discount on design fees; retainer clients also benefit from priority communication and scheduling.


Get onboarded with a friction-free workflow. You’ll share all of your brand assets with us, and we’ll get you set up with our project management system quickly.

Pass projects onto us as they arise and plan out future ones using our project management system.

Check your hours in our live-updated tracker; more than anything though, rest assured that any last-minute needs or changes will be well-supported.







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You’re comfortable delegating and handing off responsibilities to other brand partners.  

a design retainer is perfect for you if...

You’ve built strong brand recognition and a high-performing online presence, and you’re ready to kick it up even more. 

You’re consistently in need of a wide range of content – from courses to marketing graphics, from packaging to products.

You’re a well-organized business owner who values efficiency, communication, and cohesion.

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Nicole is a critical player on my team. Our customer experience is elevated with her careful eye for design and conversion. She's been instrumental in helping us create profitable launches and products. I feel so lucky to work with Nicole.

I have never worked with someone so quick, professional and talented.

christina scalera, thecontractshop.com