Tell me if this sounds familiar: An uber-talented designer you fell in love with on IG just created a dreamy logo for your business. Today – that logo is officially yours. 

Now what?

Here’s the truth: A dreamy logo is one thing; knowing how, when, where, and why to use it across your brand’s platforms – from social media to marketing – is an entirely different thing that is actually MORE important to your business than the actual logo. 

Rest assured, we’re your partners in that process. 



Juicy Brand Details

Meet our Brand Style Guide – your customized, brand playbook jam-packed with the support resources you need NOW to start using your brand elements confidently. (Because, let’s be honest, without it, that dreamy brand identity is wandering the streets late-night without a curfew. And don’t be shocked when she comes home with smeared mascara, a half-eaten bag of potato chips, and an unexplainable tattoo.) 

Each Brand Style Guide is built for YOU. 

It will deliver: 
• The exact specifications for how to use your logo 
• An easy-to-understand guide to color and how to use it beautifully for your brand 
• Your type styles and what they should be set to
• Ideal examples if you want to take a stab at creating future design assets yourself 

Newsflash: We’re in this for the long haul with you. You need a partner in all this as much as Lorelai needs a coffee. Which is why we include complimentary three-month and six-month check-ins to make sure your style guide and brand components are working for you.

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You’ll get a Brand Style Guide fully loaded with your: 
• Mood board
• Client persona
• Logo use guidelines
• Brand colors
• Ideal color combinations
• Brand fonts
• Type styles 
• Type combinations
• Graphic styles
• Photography styles
• Practical guidelines for using and combining all of these elements together effortlessly 

You’ll also receive a jam-packed folder of brand graphics in web, print, and editable file formats. 

What you get


6-8 weeks

Support. Because We’re in this with you. (That should go without saying.) Every Brand Style Guide package comes with a 3-month and 6-month check-in to make sure that your final files and your style guide are supporting you fully. 

If something isn’t quite right, we’ve got your back. We’ll make any tweaks that might be necessary or add additional guidelines that will help you to create branded visuals on your own.

SUPER BONUS: You'll also receive our 5-page Brand Launch Guide and our 12-page Design Glossary to make you feel even more empowered than you already do. 


We’ll partner closely with you to learn all there is to know about your goals, what’s bad-ass about you and your value, and who your clients are and what they need. We use that information for our first power play – shaping your client persona and finding your brand keywords.

We create a mood board unique to you, your value, and your business. This is the one-two punch: it serves as visual direction and helps us to make important decisions as we create your style guide. 

We use it all - your client persona, your brand goals, your keywords, your visual identity and direction – to create your customized Brand Style Guide with the power to support you from here on out. 







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You need a super special, instantly recognizable brand style.

brand style guidance is perfect for you if...

You need to produce a lot of content consistently. (I’m talking courses to marketing graphics, from packaging to products.)

You know your tribe already, and you want a design that just clicks for them. 

You’re comfortable delegating projects to professionals, letting them do their best work so you can stay in your lane, and do yours.

You’re ready, willing, and able to invest in one, complete branding experience that will sustain your business for years. 

You’re just damn busy; and you need a visual identity that’s easy for you and your team to implement.

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Before working with Nicole, I'd spend hours and DAYS trying to make my website, social graphics, and worksheets seem cohesive. Nicole is the best investment I've made in my biz. I'm able to create more content by focusing on my zone of genius and letting her work in her own. So glad I found her!

Nicole is the best investment I've made in my biz. 

Tristen MACdonald,