Most designers can make a killer logo, but don’t tell you how to use the deliverables you’ve been given. It’s the reason why you might have trouble making even simple graphics look as good as your brand guide, and why you’re seeing inconsistent deliverables from other designers you work with. 

Brand Style Guidance


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It's your customized, brand playbook jam-packed with the support resources you need NOW to start using your brand elements confidently. Style Guides are the rules that give your brand a nice cushy home to live in. Without it, that dreamy brand identity is wandering the streets late-night without a curfew, picking up questionable new ideas here and there. It’ll probably come home with a tattoo it will regret later.

Our style guides are built to be specific and unique, but flexible enough to accommodate any new task you throw at it. We’ll also give you exact specifications for how to use all the parts of your brand, so you can easily execute your branding every day.

Meet our Brand Style Guide

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Guidelines for using and combining all of these elements effortlessly so you can feel empowered to execute your branding every day.


Photography styles to ensure that your style and values are showcased through imagery.


The fun stuff (design elements like icons, shapes, patterns, or textures) that you can easily employ across your brand for instant recognition.


Brand fonts, type styles, and type combinations so you can easily plug and play your message into tried-and-true designs


Brand colors and go-to color combinations so you’re never stuck debating what looks best together


A logo, avatar, and helpful tips on how to use them with the respect they should command


A client persona to ensure our decisions resonate with your audience


A mood board to act as your guidepost and inspiration for all design decisions.



You'll also receive our 5-page Brand Launch Guide, 3 Launch Graphics to announce your new brand, and our 12-page Design Glossary to make you feel even more empowered to launch!

Every Brand Style Guide package comes with a 3-month and 6-month check-in to make sure that your final files and your style guide are supporting you fully.

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Before working with Nicole, I'd spend hours and DAYS trying to make my website, social graphics, and worksheets seem cohesive. Nicole is the best investment I've made in my biz. I'm able to create more content by focusing on my zone of genius and letting her work in her own. So glad I found her!

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Nicole is the best investment I've made in my biz.