Introducing the Balanced Brand Lab Kit!

There was a time earlier in my career when I used to look to fancy brand designers a little green with envy. They were producing gorgeous logos, working with brands that I admired, charging a dime, and taking long vacations. Get paid to make beautiful things every day and then take a tropical vacation? Sounds good.

Now that I'm more experienced and have had dozens of my own clients under my belt, I see that often, when things are pretty and sparkly on the outside, there's not much going on on the inside.

Having worked with so many clients on not just branding, but their everyday design needs, I see where these pretty branding packages are lacking. I see clients like you being thrilled with the gorgeous logo and the new "style guide" ...that is, until you have to start creating content with it and find that things are actually pretty sparse.

Where's the direction on how to use those brand colors together? What about those fonts? What about when you've created four dozen Pinterest graphics that all look identical and you don't understand why other brands don't have this problem?

I now go through a specific process for all of my branding clients that provides them with a formula for using the colors and fonts that are given to them, and I want you to have it, too!

A jam-packed do-it-yourself workshop to create a formula for all your design decisions.

(So you can start feeling confident that your branding is the best representation of your business.)

Inside this workshop:

  1. You'll get access to my scientific method for creating a thorough and balanced brand style where I walk you through how to make decisions and create go-to formulas for the future.

  2. You’ll do the work alongside me, experimenting with your formula and plugging in your answers to a style guide template I provide for you.

  3. Then, boo-yah! You’re ready to show off that sizzling new brand to the world and start implementing your formula in anything from Facebook ads to Instagram posts to newsletter opt-ins.

Ready to leave the insecurity in the dust?

Nicole YangComment