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The Balanced Brand Lab Kit is a do-it-yourself branding workshop where you’ll build a personalized and balanced brand formula to guide all your design decisions. Make your own style guide and find your brand’s trusty sidekicks: from the right colors, fonts, photography, and more!

Create a brand that's exploding with chemistry

Receive exclusive access to our super-sciency approach to creating a one-of-a-kind brand style.

Access Canva templates to create your own brand mood boards and style guide, plus worksheets to guide your ideas.

Do the work with video guidance from our Lead Chemist, Nicole Yang. You’ll experiment with your formula and plug in your answers to create your style guide. 

Nicole is bubbly, bright, and so much fun to learn from. Each video is chock full of the need-to-know, nitty-gritty info that equips you to build out your brand style guide. She talks you through her exact processes and virtually holds your hand as she walks you through the process – and then all of a sudden, you have this amazing, structured, professional brand style guide to reference. MAGIC I tell you! 

This is hands-down the BEST online course I've taken to date.

JEnna Miller

Brands aren't just about the pretty. They're about getting just the right chemistry of colors, fonts, words, photos, and a little magic. 

Imagine coming up with a great new product or service or announcement and not hesitating to announce it to the world!

Imagine saving money on designers and getting deliverables that you love the first time around. 

Imagine posting something new to your website or social feed without hesitation because you know it's true to your business and is going to look great. 

A thorough brand style guide can give you the confidence you need to make all of those things happen! I can't wait to help you finally make one that will make design decisions for you, so you can leave the insecurities in the dust where they belong.

Meet Your Lead Chemist

Hi! I'm Nicole!


Imagine having that visual love potion that will drive the best customers your way and make you feel like a straight up Casanova whenever you send people to your website or social feeds.

Get your unique formula so you can make your own brand chemistry