Constantly overthinking your designs? Unclear on what your brand really looks like? Do you find yourself trying new Canva templates all the time because you don’t really have a style guide?

Those days are done! 

Inside this free email workshop, you’ll make your own style guide and find your brand’s trusty sidekicks: your brand keywords, client persona, colors, and fonts!

No more chaotic IG feeds or PDFs that make you cringe.

The Balanced Brand Lab Kit is a free, do-it-yourself branding workshop where you’ll develop your own brand “formula” that’ll help guide all your design decisions.

The Balanced Brand Lab Kit is perfect for you if...

You have a logo and you’re ready to kick it up a notch; you need more branding for more content. 

You know your way around a DIY project, and you’re not afraid to dig in yourself.

You're creative and driven; you just need an Obi-Wan Kenobi to guide you in making design decisions.

You're comfortable with Canva (or willing to learn).

You can dedicate a little bit of time each day (for 5 days) to make small tweaks and updates to your brand

That’s me! Sign me up! 

How Does the Balanced Brand Lab Kit Work?

Do the work with step-by-step guidance from our Lead Chemist, Nicole Yang. You’ll experiment with your brand formula and plug in your answers to create a style guide you love. 

When you register now, you’ll receive exclusive email access to our super-sciency approach to creating a one-of-a-kind brand style. One lesson will be emailed every day for 5 days!

We mentioned it’s free, right? 😉

What You'll Get

5 Email Training Sessions (With Video!) Each day for 5 days, you’ll get a new email walking you through each component of your brand formula. You’ll be experimenting and innovating as you go until you land on the perfect formula. These training sessions are clear, concise, and straight-up fun. 

Video Training Sessions

Almost as fun as the vacation checklist, this easy-to-use checklist walks you through all the parts of your brand that you can update as soon as you're done with the Lab Kit. It guarantees your brand is cohesive, consistent, and fresh across all platforms and marketing materials. 

All that… for free?? I’m in.


We’ve thought of everything, and you’ll have the resources and tools we use to help clients develop a stunning brand they love. On top of the emailed video trainings, you’ll also get…

The Brand Implementation Checklist

This tried-and-true questionnaire will help you to discover your brand's purpose, your client's aspirations, needs, and desires, as well as the magic keywords and concepts that empower your branding process. (Magic wand and Nimbus 2000 sold separately.) 

Branding Questionnaire

When it comes to your brand, it’s totally OK to pick favorites. In this kit, you’ll find our favorite combinations and style guidelines to make free Google Webfonts reflect the special spark in your brand. 

Favorite Font Combos

Don't miss a single thing with these worksheets and checklists. They’ll guide your brainstorming, challenge you to identify the heart and soul of your style, and lead you through how to utilize your style guide template.

Downloadable "Lab Notes" Worksheets

Download our step-by-step brand style guide template and watch as we guide you through the unique process of making it your own. You’ll get clear rules and our best advice for using logos, colors, fonts, photography, and graphics.

Canva Style Guide Template

  • How to create a style guide 
  • How to develop brand keywords
  • How to create a client persona
  • How to create a moodboard
  • How to choose colors and shades
  • How to choose fonts and hierarchy 

You’ll learn:

"I absolutely love how the Balanced Brand Lab Kit filled the holes in my branding I knew were there but *couldn't quite put my finger on* exactly what was missing.

Although it covers "the basics", there is nothing basic about it and Nicole doesn't waste any time telling you exactly what you need to know (and then SHOWING YOU how to execute!)

Kara Brodhecker

i want in!

Stop wondering how to use your brand — and concoct your brand’s formula this week!

After you finish this free email workshop, you’ll have a visual love potion that’ll draw in the best customers and make you feel like a straight-up Casanova whenever you send people to your website or social feeds.

There’s an offer at the end of this workshop! Don’t worry, you'll receive immediate access to all of our best branding tips and secrets, and all of the content in this workshop totally free. We’ll let you know about our $39 Advanced Balanced Brand Lab Kit after you’re done, so you can decide if you want to polish your brand even more. The choice is yours, and there’s no pressure! (Just lots of branding goodness)


Nicole is bubbly, bright, and so much fun to learn from. Each video is chock full of the need-to-know, nitty-gritty info that equips you to build out your brand style guide. She talks you through her exact processes and virtually holds your hand as she walks you through the process – and then all of a sudden, you have this amazing, structured, professional brand style guide to reference. MAGIC I tell you!"

"This is hands-down the BEST online course I've taken to date.

JEnna Miller

Brands aren't just about the pretty. They're about getting just the right chemistry of colors, fonts, words, photos, and a little magic. 

Imagine coming up with a great new product or service or announcement and not hesitating to announce it to the world!

Imagine saving money on designers and getting deliverables that you love the first time around. 

Imagine posting something new to your website or social feed without hesitation because you know it's true to your business and is going to look great. 

A thorough brand style guide can give you the confidence you need to make all of those things happen! I can't wait to help you finally make one that will make design decisions for you, so you can leave the insecurities in the dust where they belong.

Meet Your Lead Chemist

Hi! I'm Nicole!