MS Bites

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What we created:

color palette, type styles, patterns, graphic elements, iconography, and a full style guide outlining color usage and combinations, typography usage and combinations, graphic element usage, iconography usage and photography styles

Client Persona:

He/she has been diagnosed with MS, but has led a fulfilling life with a focus on health, relationships, and hobbies. He/she loves being outside and is worried that they’ll lose their favorite parts of life to this disease. They’re scared inside, but are determined to live positively and find reputable information to guide their wellbeing. They want to become experts in their health, are goal-oriented, and committed to living their best lives.


Brand Keywords/philosophy:

Small habits lead to big change; credible knowledge is empowering; evidence-based approach; positivity over fear; I get it, I’m with you; joyful, optimistic, not too clinical


Create a brand that encourages men and women diagnosed with MS to lead fulfilling lives. We hoped the brand style would communicate optimism and trustworthiness amid a sea of “internet doctors” and anxiety surrounding the disease.

Nicole Yangbranding