Happy Working Actor

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What we created:

A logo and favicon; color palette; type styles; graphic elements; iconography; full style guide outlining color usage and combinations, typography usage and combinations, graphic element usage, and photography styles

Client Persona:

She wants to be seen as a talented and successful artist, and embraced for her quirks. She appears smart and confident and won’t back down from a challenge, even though she feels embarrassed that she hasn’t “made it” yet. She wants to be supported and challenged — she’s tough, but is started to get worn thin by hard-to-please coaches and waiting for new opportunities. She needs a kick in the pants and is craving more fun in her life. She’s ready to buck the system and redefine success.


Brand Keywords/philosophy:

Truth bombs and bitch slaps with a spoonful of sugar; redefine success for YOU; act from a sense of play; happier humans book more work; lighthearted and joyous; high quality; buck the system

Brand Style:

Colorful but sexy. Bold use of black elevates an otherwise whimsical and colorful style, and playful icons and shapes are toned down by sophisticated typefaces and clean lines. While this brand should appear fun, it should not read youthful. We’ll stay away from confetti, imperfect or organic lines and shapes, and highly identifiable patterns or multicolor combinations.

Nicole Yangbranding