Erin O'Dwyer

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What we created:

A logo and favicon; color palette; type styles; iconography; and a full style guide outlining color usage and combinations, typography usage and combinations, iconography usage, and photography styles

Client Persona:

She is yearning for a fresh start. She loves to start her days with gratitude, a healthy meal, and a phone call to her best friend. Her weekends are spent exploring her city and finding eye-candy in unexpected places. She aspires to be a master at throwing intimate dinner parties and wants to be known as a warm and loving hostess. She loves snail mail, fresh flowers, and brunch al fresco.


Brand Keywords/philosophy:

A happy life is possible; food can be fun; the future is full of hope; safe, approachable, empowered, optimistic, effervescent, inspirational

Brand Style:

A healthy dose of inspiring and optimistic photography is supplemented with springy, gentle colors and encouraging messages. The brand experience is uplifted with pops of bright bold blues and peaches and takes on a friendly tone with clean type and a handwritten script. Overall, the Erin O’Dwyer brand evokes all the joys and moments of an ideal day and balanced life, maintaining approachability and hopefulness.

Nicole Yangbranding