Carolina Dandy

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What we created:

A logo and favicon; color palette; type styles; patterns; and a full style guide outlining color usage and combinations, typography usage and combinations, pattern usage, and product and lifestyle photography styles

Client Persona:

Her friends and her family mean everything to her. Tending to her relationships over brunch, a movie marathon, or a date night is her greatest joy. Gift-giving comes naturally to her, and she embraces every opportunity to surprise her friends or show others that she loves them. She can’t wait to bring all of her favorite people together over cake and pecan pie at her wedding. Her heart swells at the idea of thanking each guest for the role they played in her life with her soon-to-be husband, and dancing the night away with them.


Brand Keywords/philosophy:

Gifts should be a burst of sunshine; gifts should be both useful and lovely; distinctly Southern; welcoming, delightful, refreshing; down to earth; rooted in tradition

Brand Style:

Traditionally Southern shapes and styles are refreshed by more modern typefaces; bright, joyful colors; and lively patterns and textures. Pops of sunshine are balanced with warm natural tones. Products take the spotlight with neutral environments. Models are sassy and fun. Overall, the Carolina Dandy style evokes warmth, joy, welcoming, and Southern charm with a lively spin.

Nicole Yangbranding