What does the process look like?

The project workflow will vary based on what we're working on, but here's what you can expect to happen:

1. Before anything else, we'll schedule a consultation to talk about your needs and how I can best help you.

2. I'll send over a proposal that outlines what we'll work on together: the deliverables, estimated timeline, and estimated cost.

3. If everything looks good, you'll sign the proposal, make a deposit payment, and fill out a quick welcome form.

4. We'll hop on a video call to discuss the project in much more depth, and I'll outline any resources that I need from you (logo files, copy, etc.).

5. We'll work on the project together! Depending on the project, this could take one week or three months.

6. When we're done, I'll send over a final invoice and your final project deliverables!

7. You'll do a happy dance and continue working in your business feeling confident that your visuals match the value of your services.


What do you expect from me during our project timeline?

The best design work doesn't happen in a vacuum. I'll be relying on your knowledge of your business and your customers, as well as your honest feedback. While I'll be doing the legwork design-wise, the best design experience occurs when we're able to have an in-depth conversation about your needs, goals, and expectations before we start, and you can provide thorough and timely feedback as you receive drafts.


Will you be at my disposal? How flexible are you?

I'm at your service and would love to help you with as many projects as you need! In order to work most efficiently for you and for other clients, my office hours are Monday through Thursday, from 8am to 4pm Eastern time. I respond to emails within 24 hours unless you receive an out of office notification from me. I am always available for you to email me questions. Please keep in mind, though, that since I'm serving multiple clients at once, any needs that arise outside of our original project scope will be scheduled for a future date.


How much input can I give? How much input do you give?

Give me all the input! The great thing about our relationship is that I value your opinion and I know that you value mine. I'll give you as much context and feedback as possible to make the best decision for your business. I hope that we'll share great conversations about what you think is best for your company and your customers, during which we can both weigh in with what our previous experience has taught us. Our longest conversations will happen before the project even begins so that we can make sure we're on the same page. This ensures that I spend our resources working on deliverables that I know you'll love, and our edits are spent refining rather than starting from scratch.


What do you do? I need a one-stop shop.

Take a look at my services page to get a better idea of the projects I love to work on. Need a one-stop shop? Sounds like a design retainer would be perfect for you! It'll give you the opportunity to use my hours with whatever design projects are important to you at the moment. I've spent my career growing small businesses and finding solutions to big and small design problems. Let me help you tackle anything from advertisements to media kits to marketing campaign art direction.


What is the cost?

Well, that depends! I know, I know — you just want to figure out what's in your budget and what's not. But every project is different, requiring a different set of skills, research, and experimentation. The best way to get an accurate quote for your project? Schedule a consultation call with me and and tell me more about it. Whether or not we're meant to be, I'll try to provide any background knowledge or resources that I can!