Does this sound like you:

You’ve run your business now for a couple of years. You’re doing well; you’ve figured out what works when it comes to content and your audience. You’ve made it work by bootstrapping design with free templates or apps; or you’re exhausted from putting bandaids on projects just to stand things up or get emails out the door. 

Well, times have changed. And now you’re ready to invest and learn how to do it right this time. (That feeling is like #adulting entrepreneurship, amIright?) 

You’ve been design fakin’ it.

An opportunity for you to partner with a professional designer for a 1:1 review – and clear action steps so you can feel empowered to take on your design. 

how does it work?

Choose a time and date for our video call. Then, you'll receive the branding questionnaire that will ask you to dish out the juicy details about your brand - from your mission to your goals. We'll use these details during our call to guide our conversation.

Let’s do this! We’ll spend 50 minutes together one-on-one via video call reviewing the parts of your brand that you're most eager to update the right way. I'll share my screen with you, and I’ll coach you through specific changes you can make. We’ll also build a list of action items for you. 

Dig in! You'll work through our list of action items on your own. A week after our call, you'll email me follow-up questions that came up as you were making changes, and we’ll work through them virtually, so you feel empowered to release a 2.0 version of your branded design.  

what you'll get

A brand questionnaire that will focus on your business – from your mission to your goals to your audience; it’ll guide our discussion and deliver some aha! moments for you. 

• A 50-minute recorded, one-on-one video call with Nicole to discuss the design of any part of your business. 




Our Design Review Process is a powerful experience. You’ll receive: 

A list of design action items and priorities to pursue whether you DIY it or have a relationship with a designer already. 

• An opportunity to send follow-up emails directly to Nicole for direct support as you work through additional questions about our action items.

design reviews are perfect for you if...

You're ready to kick it up a notch. Your business is great, but your empire is waiting.

You're creative and driven; you just need an Obi Wan Kenobi to guide you in making design decisions. 

You know your way around a DIY project; you’re not afraid to dig in yourself.

I'm ready for my custom advice!


With a degree in journalism (yes, I do, in fact, sometimes pretend I’m a very important character from The Newsroom), and almost seven years at Southern Weddings and Cultivate What Matters, I know one thing to be true: design brings ideas to life. 

Our work together is about unearthing your story, purpose, mission, vision, and goals; and then shape all that into a beautiful, smart, and strategic brand that sells.

An important byproduct of that process? Fun. All this should be light, fresh fun and joy for you.   

I've worked with dozens of online businesses to direct visual storytelling, launch and sell products and services, sharpen brand identities. Today, I use my expertise in product, digital, and print design to help businesses grow confidently. 

Meet Your Main Squeeze

Hi! I'm Nicole!


I'm ready for my custom advice!