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You’ve been plugging away at your business, creating great content and products.

But does your design match the quality and value of your content?

Whether you’re DIY-ing design in your business or working with designers who you want to equip with better direction, you’re feeling the itch to get things done right this time.



a 50-minute one-on-one call with a graphic designer (me! hi!)

During our call, we’ll discuss your goals with your business, how to make everything look and function more effectively, and create an action list of priorities for 2019.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to look consistent and professional, and a clear list of improvements you can make for 2019 (whether you're DIY-ing it or hiring a professional).


Struggling to get more subscribers on your list?
Let’s take a look at your newsletter opt-in!

Aiming for a higher number of product sales?
Let’s take a look at your product sales page and ads!

Want more clients for 2019?
Let’s review your website and pricing guide!

Craving a refreshed look but not sure what needs improving?
Let’s discuss your website and current branding!

Not sure what needs improving, but you know something needs to change?
Let’s do a review of your overall web, social, and brand presence and talk about aligning the design with your goals for next year!


WHAT YOU’ll get from our call

A brand questionnaire that will help you refocus on your mission and audience, and guide our discussion

A 50-minute recorded video call with Nicole to discuss the design of any part of your business

A list of design action items and priorities to pursue (whether you DIY it or get professional help!).


Your Main Squeeze

Hey smartypants! Look at you getting ahead of the pack and taking your business to the next level! I’m Nicole, your design review main squeeze! I work with dozens of small and medium businesses to uplevel them from “amateur” to “expert.” I’m passionate about design that’s functional and effective, not just pretty. I can’t wait to spend an hour with you to see how we make your design do your hard work justice!


"I am 100% confident that Nicole's work with me has allowed me to increase my sales."

“Working with Nicole has been MORE than a breath of fresh air. I can tell that she cares about my work and I'm not just "another client." I am 100% confident that her work with me has not only allowed me to increase my sales but also my reach to the women I am called to serve.”