Meeting Clients Where They Are (Plus, How to Create a Quiz with Interact!)

One of the greatest misconceptions about design is that design is art.

Where the purpose of art is to express an emotion or thought, or capture or a feeling or event, Design is more strategic.

Design is meeting people where they are.

It means making their experience as frictionless as possible. It means presenting information to it's understood immediately, subtle and gently guiding a user through an experience to a desired end result, and making things as simple as possible. 

That's why, when I noticed so many business owners who were inquiring with me knew they needed help, but were unsure of what exactly was the right solution.

(Isn't that the case with so many things in life and business? You can feel something is off or that something is missing, but you're not sure exactly how to proceed in finding a solution?)

That's why I was thrilled to create a quiz with Interact! Because not all of the pressure should be on you to have all the answers right away. That's why you reach out to experts, after all! 

My new quiz helps you discover what kind of design help your business needs so that you plan your goals more strategically. 

Take the quiz below if you're curious!

About Interact Quizzes

If you want to serve your clients and customers better, consider creating a quiz for them. Yes, they're the "big marketing trend" right now, but let me tell you why: because they meet people where they are. They help clients and customers learn more about themselves and how you might help them (or just make their lives a little more fun. Raise your hand if you miss Cosmo quizzes!)

Interact's interface let's me customize my quiz logic easily, brand the fonts and colors to my business, and gives me a ton of embed and publish options so that I can make the quiz experience frictionless.

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