How to Create a Production Timeline

If you're dipping your foot into e-commerce and product sales, you're probably already seeing a need in your workflow for a production timeline to make sure your products are created, manufactured, shipped, photographed and promoted in a way that supports your business goals.

The number one thing most of my clients are unfamiliar with is how long it can take to get a product from conception to sales. Especially if you're producing a product for the very first time, you'll want to factor in everything from product testing to shipping delays.

Want to launch your product in time for the holidays?

Start with a timeline now and create a production schedule that anticipates every part of the process and everything you'll need before you go to market instead of being a slave to vendor schedules.


I made a free worksheet for you to help calculate how much lead time you'll need! It includes all the steps you'll want to consider before the launch of your product, plus some notes from me on things that might affect your timeline.

Let's get that product idea out of your head and on paper!

Nicole YangComment