My Best Design Tips and Tricks

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If you own your business, you've probably thought all of those things to yourself at one point, right? (Maybe you thought one of those things already this morning.)

As entrepreneurs (and solopreneurs!), there are so many things we can't be experts on if we wan't to play our strengths and run efficient businesses. But, I firmly believe that you should acquaint yourself with all parts of your business. Why? Because someone’s gotta call the shots, and that person is you! 

Have you ever had to create your own brand graphics and felt like they didn't represent the professionalism of your brand?

Have you ever gotten a design back from a professional and been less than thrilled with the result?

I've seen so many of my clients struggle with their brands—wasting time and money—because they don't know how to identify what needs to be tweaked, or how to communicate their needs to a designer.

You might be DIY-ing your way through the early stages of business. Or you might be ready to work with a professional designer. Either way, you just want to juice your time and money for all it's worth.

If you identify with any of the above statements, you might want to hit the subscribe button right now because I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! It is all the advice I wish I could give to you in person.

Each video topic is inspired by a question I get asked all the time, or by a problem I’ve noticed working with dozens of clients over the past few years and my biggest hope is that it helps you feel more equipped and confident to run your business.


The goals I think we’re all united on?

  • Work smarter, not harder.

  • Know more about where your business should be heading and things you want to keep an eye on.
  • Feel more confident in your decisions and conversations.
  • Have someone you trust get real with you about common design faux pas you might be committing.





I can't wait to share more tips, tutorials, and juicy design secrets with you every other week!


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