Designing a Brand: Joslyn Chase

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Combining two juxtaposing ideas into one cohesive and powerful brand might sound like an impossibility, but it's not! It's often walking that fine line where specificity gets defined and where the magic happens. Joslyn Chase's brand visuals are one of my favorites that I've worked on for this exact reason.

Joslyn is a personal stylist who effortlessly makes her clients feel comfortable with their own tastes and preferences. She's always impeccably dressed, but she wears her clothes in a way that empowers others to use their clothing to reflect their identity and the things that make them unique.

To start, we wanted to define Joslyn's client persona, or the person we believe her clients aspire to be a bit more like. Then, we came up with a goal for reaching them. 


The Joslyn Chase client persona:

She splurges on classic pieces and big adventures. She's lighthearted and spirited, and can socialize with anymore, whether in a group of socialites or with the locals in a faraway place. She chooses simplicity, but in a bold and dramatic way.

The goal

Make fashion accessible. Style should feel fun and personal, not like a constant quest to live up to the expectations set by magazines and runways. Everyone should be able to determine their own style. Just like one should be able to rock sequins or high fashion on a random Tuesday, she should also feel empowered to wear a killer TJ Maxx dress to a formal event. 

Joslyn Chase Logo.png

The logo

Clean and inspired by high fashion, while still being whimsical and with more personality than a typical brand name. It can transition between working with individual clients and working on commercial projects.

Joslyn Chase Colors.png

The colors

A broad selection across the color wheel with the intention of being used minimally and with lots of black to straddle the line between high fashion and everyday fashion. Geared toward more jewel tones to reflect confidence we hope clients feel, and the glamour we hope the personal styling experience brings to their lives.

Joslyn Chase Patterns.png

The patterns

Can be used as big, bold, graphic elements. They are highly structured, but bring a sense of fun, and spontaneity to the brand. 

Joslyn Chase Mockups 1.png

Bringing it all together

In the end, we created an identity that allows Joslyn and her clients to embody multiple facets of their personalities and environments — from home to work to date night to travel — while also instilling a sense of attainable aspiration that inspires clients to reach out for more styling advice. 


Love this and want more? Take a peek into a few pages of her style guide below.

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