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Part Time Graphic Design Associate

Just a year ago when I took the leap to start my own business and work one-on-one with a clientele of entrepreneurs, I had no idea how much growth and opportunity could take place over the next few months. Just this year, I’ve been honored to help over 30 businesses start, grow, and elevate their design and products. It’s been so gratifying to see how having that design partnership can give biz owners more confidence to share their best talents, ideas, and solutions to people who truly need them.

One of my greatest wishes for 2019 is to make the process of finding a trustworthy and thoughtful designer EASIER. Every business owner should feel empowered to do more of what they do best, with a great design team behind them making their ideas come to life.

The best ideas come from collaboration and team work (and okay, the actual capacity to take on more projects and help more people!). That’s why I’m so excited to announce that I’m hiring a part time design associate!

This person would come alongside me to serve my existing and new retainer clients with smart graphics and well-designed products. Projects would run the gamut, from simple social media graphics to digital PDF downloads to printed collateral. Like me, the person best fit for this position values creating fun and meaningful experiences for people, testing new ideas, and continually improving.

The position is virtual and would require 5 hours/week with the hopes of increasing hours in the future.

Sound like something you’d love to do? Read the qualifications below, get your portfolio ready, and apply before November 28.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Commit to 5 hours/week to start

  • Work closely with Nicole and follow her creative direction

  • Formulate design concepts and for Nicole A. Yang The Design Lab and select clients

  • Create marketing and social graphics, interactive PDFs and advertisements for The Design Lab and select clients

  • Pull mood board and inspiration images based on client keywords and art direction provided by Nicole

  • Take responsibility for and meet all deadlines assigned to this position

  • Balance multiple client needs and deadlines

  • Adapt to multiple client styles

  • Attend weekly check-in meetings via video conference

Job Requirements:

  • 2+ years of graphic design experience

  • Familiar with designing for digital experiences and best practices for digital design

  • Familiar with print production and best practices for printed product

  • Fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop

  • Has access to a computer, internet, and the Adobe Creative Suite

  • Knowledge of basic HTML/CSS is a plus

The person best suited for this position:

  • Is detail-oriented, highly organized and can efficiently manage multiple projects

  • Is comfortable on video conference

  • Is confident pitching and communicating ideas, design decisions, and feedback

  • Gracefully receives constructive feedback

  • Is proactive in organizing his/her own workflow, contributing new efficiencies, and voicing challenges

  • Loves to learn, is curious about how things work, and consistently wants to improve

  • Values efficiency

  • Loves a good pun

*Compensation commensurate with experience.

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